Once Upon A Time: Saturday, June 1 & Sunday, June 2 @ Homer Central High School


All classes will perform in one show.  We make every effort to have a show with all siblings together, so some classes may be in more than one show.  (This is not always possible w/multiple siblings taking multiple classes, but we try!)

SHOW CAST lists are available here. Hard copies will be available in the office.


Costumes are starting to arrive! When they arrive, we will try them on in the studio.  Costumes will be distributed the 3rd week in May.  All outstanding balances for the season must be paid to pick up costumes.  MAY is the last tuition payment.


If this is your dancerís 4th, 8th or 12th year with us, please sign up for a trophy. YOU MUST SIGN UP - WE DO NOT DO IT FOR YOU!  Sign up sheets are available at the desk.


Every dancer receives a free show t-shirt. These are worn over their costume for the Opening Dance & Finale.  Please stop in the office and give your dancer's tee shirt size. There are samples available if you are unsure of sizing.


All classes will be assigned a Dress Rehearsal day/time.  (We have the theater for dress rehearsals on May 28, 30 & 31) This will also be when pictures & videos may be taken.  There is no photography/videography during the show. Rehearsal dates: Schedule will be available soon.  Professional portraits will be available, as well as professional "candid shots" during Dress Rehearsal.  Details to follow.


We are again using an online ticketing service this year: TutuTix.  Tickets will go on sale in May 6. Every family receives a $25 discount voucher code. Voucher codes may ONLY be used online - NOT at the door. Voucher codes may be picked up at the studio in mid-April. Everything must be paid through April to release vouchers. An adult must come in to pick up the code - codes cannot be sent via phone or email. 


We are looking for volunteers to be backstage w/ the dancers. All volunteers get a FREE show tee-shirt.  Volunteers must sign up in the studio w/ Theresa or Barbara.  Please be aware, NO ONE, except for PAI staff & volunteers will be allowed backstage at anytime.  (See below)


Family members and friends are not permitted backstage or in the dressing rooms during the recital, including during intermission and before and after the show. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are private areas. Please remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas. Those who wish to greet performers after the show or present flowers may do so in the lobby areas.

We will be implementing backstage security measures, which will be strictly enforced. More details will follow. Please be assured that we take your children's safety as our top priority.  We will be looking for volunteers to sign up for security positions to work w/ our Backstage Coordinator. 


We work hard to make the dance experience organized and fun. Keeping you informed is one of our primary goals. Please read all information.  Updates are emailed to you and posted on the website.  If you have any questions regarding the information distributed, we encourage you to contact us. We answer email on a daily basis, except on Sundays. Feel free to email questions at  misscindy@cortlandperformingarts.com or call 607.299.4343.